Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Financial aid woes- and I made my decision!

Wow, long time since I've been on here.
In the news, I did decide that I want to go to Moore. After receiving their largest scholarship, the announcement of the iPads, and just getting to knows the girls I'll be going to school with, I just knew it was the place for me. I have a "maybe" roommate, Lindsay, who is an Illustration major. We're both kinda slobs, and have very similar interests, so it should be way to much fun.

In other news, getting accepted and filling out the FAFSA also means that I got my financial aid packet. YECH. Nasty stuff. Even with the scholarship, I'm going to be in some serious debt for the rest of my life. My dad and I are going to be going down to the local credit union to set up an account for me so I can take out a loan... for A LOT of money. I worked it out, and if I was to JUST pay tuition, without a scholarship, for 4 years, and pay off the loan in 10 years with a 4% interest, I'd owe $181,860. Not a fun number. And I'm dorming, so that jacks the price up by about 12,000 a year.

There's also the issue of me turning 18 in may. This means that my savings account, with it's measly $700 odd dollars in it, will be all mine. Meaning my parents can't put money into it easily. Before I turn 18, it is a joint savings account with my mom, meaning she can put money into it, and take it out. So she and I will be setting up another joint account, so she can give me money, and I will have to open another account in Philly, so that I can use a debit card.

And I have to get a credit card.

I hate credit cards. They're annoying and put people in way to much debt. But, if I want to buy train tickets, rent a car, or really do anything else that might include getting me back home, I gotta get one.

As to the finding of the roommate: Like any college, we at Moore get a chance to choose our roommates. Lynz and I met on the page, and I gotta say, she's one pretty cool chick. We've been pretty much constantly IMing each other since we friended each other. It has been confirmed that we both enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, love to cook, and that I'll probably be her motivating force to get away from the laptop. Gotta love FB.

Ooh, and when the Video blogs start up (I'm getting a laptop, and a "new iPad" so I will have plenty of camera stuff. I hate the name of the "new iPad" though. Who in their right mind would call it that? It's still the iPad 3. Deal with it.) She'll probably be in some of them. Mostly cuz she's doing video blogs too. So I'll be in hers too.

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