Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey there stranger!

Well, first post I guess. I'm a senior in my last leg of highschool in Iowa, with dreams of attending Moore College of Art and Design, in Philadelphia. I've currently been accepted, I just need to make a decision. I really want to send in the acceptance, but my parents keep pressuring me to look other places, even though I feel like I've found the place I want to go. Due to the wonderful world of Facebook, I've already gotten the chance to make friends with many of the girls I'll be going to school with- I say girls because Moore is an all women's school.

I created this blog for one of my friends, who is an underclassman. There's not really a definitive "This is what I brought with me to art school" and "this is what it was like exactly" and "this is how my homework was" and other stuff like that. I myself am having problems figuring out what I want to bring with me. I will have limited space, because I will probably be sharing a suite with 3 other girls. And I will be moving primarily in my car.

Which is a Smart Car.

Which means I will not only be moving 4 states away, but I have a weight limit for my car, of 526 pounds, after I get in. I'm still not sure I'm gonna keep my car with me, but I do want to be able to say good bye to it. It's my baby.

I intend to major in graphic design. I've been exposed to layout and design since I was very small. My dad ran a desktop published 'zine' called Third Eye Over Iowa, so I convinced him to teach me some basic layout when I was in 3rd grade.

I've attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's Summer Expression Session workshop, where you are sent up to Minneapolis for two weeks to live as a student. it was incredibly stressful, but I loved it. Which is why I'm going to art school

My parents are still pressuring me to look at other places. Public universities may be cheaper, but they are also larger, and large groups of people freak me out. Why move to a major city then? you may ask. It's not so much living somewhere big, it's having to be around lots and lots of people. There's not a tight community in a large university, which I like. I like knowing everyone, and being able to recognize everyone.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough for one day.

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