Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collecting Stuff

I guess this post will mostly be about what I'm taking with me. There's a lot of stuff about "What You Should Take To College" and they're like "buy this, this is good to have!"

Well, I'm not buying much. I'm mostly collecting stuff from around my house. With a few investments. Like today, my mom and I picked up a 34 set of Rubbermaid tupperware. Now, I don't need a 34 set, but there was enough for us to split it, and help me start my own collection. I'm gonna be using our old Correl set that my parents used for years, but replaced with some more "modern"

Moore has regular twin sets, so I don't need to buy new bedding. I will still fit my clothes, so I'm packing up winter stuff. I can take my own bathroom stuff and replace it as  I go along.

Luckily, Moore also supplies microwaves and mini fridges to the dorms, so I don't have to worry about that. Which means I'll be teaching myself to microwave cook, after being the girl who does EVERYTHING on the stove. (Try this recipe for 5 minute cake. I used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips, and it was JUST like eating a giant reeses. YUM) I have been pleasantly surprised that nothing has exploded yet. YET.

Anyway, the other issue is transporting all this stuff. If you have suitcases, use those. They stack nicely and fit together, and you can repack them when you leave. A trick I use for making the most of the space in a suitcase is rolling my clothes. It really helps. I'm also using an old purple tote container, that I'm storing bulky items in, like my comforter, towels, and other bedding stuff. (I'll post pictures of all this later).

Of course, make sure you check out your college's housing restrictions before you pack. If you can't see this year's, then check last years. They usually have them in PDF form on the websites. It's usually doubtful  that they change to drastically between years.

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